This book is dedicated to my godchildren and their friends that will inherit this fantastic world of seven billion people; I hope it will help them to show us grown-ups why an open globalized world is a sea of opportunities, not a storm to shelter from.

The book will take the reader through a unique journey across the globe: from the open spaces of rural Kenya to Nairobi high-tech sporting grounds; from the stadium in LA to the green pastures of New Zealand; from old Europe with its sleepy palaces to the buzzing street of Beijing.

Fasten your reading seatbelts and be ready to be surprised by the incredible stories of the fast-running Kenyan pilot Mwangaza, the free-spirited Ming-Ming, the brave doctor Jasmina and the mysterious Lady X and many more.

About the author

Simona Paravani-Mellinghoff is a proud God-mother and world traveler for work and for passion. Simona is Italian by birth, German by marriage and a world-citizen by nature. She combines a full time job in financial services with various activities to support NGOs and diversity. This book is inspired by the many great girls and women she met in her journeys, all great examples of how passions and dreams can change lives and the world around us!